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you know the outlet is live, unp

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Once you can walk on the belt at low speed without it stopping or slipping increase the speed to 3 miles per hour. This should be a fast walk. If your unit has side rails hold the rails and try to stop the belt with pressure. IF OK then increase the speed to 5 MPH. Run on the treadmill, if you feel any slipping tighten the bolts another 12 turn each. Repeat if necessary.

If the belt is not centered Simon Mignolet Liverpool Jersey UK , stand behind the treadmill and run the belt at full speed, if the belt is tracking to the left. Tighten the left bolt or screw 12 of a turn, and loosen the right bolt or screw 14 turn until the belt is centered. IF the belt is tracking to the right, tighten the right side bolt or screw 12 turn and loosen the left bolt or screw 14 turn. Repeat as necessary, this should center the walking belt. Always wipe the treadmill down after each use Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Liverpool Jersey UK , perspiration is very corrosive. If your treadmill inclines increase the elevation to maximum and vacuum underneath. If it doesn't incline pull it out and vacuum. Most operating problems are usually easily seen, detected and repaired. If the cause of a problem is not obvious, follow a logical process of checking each component in the system.

Repair of Your Treadmill

I t would be impossible for me to list every problem for every manufacturer’s treadmill in this report, but here are some common problems:

Walking belt is not centered. See preventive maintenance procedure for centering belt.

No power, check that the unit is plugged in to a live outlet Adam Lallana Liverpool Jersey UK , ALWAYS USE CAUTION when dealing with electricity. Try another outlet if you need to.

If you know the outlet is live, unplug the unit and check the fuses, you may need to lift the cover for this.

IF you have power but the motor does not turn you either have a bad power supply or the motor brushes are worn. Contact the manufacturer for information.

If the motor is turning make sure the drive belt is not loose or broken. Tighten or replace as needed.
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